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Legacy Fullfilled

Thai Legacy Restaurant  is family owned and operated Since 2017.  The Head chef and owner Perry Saeiab started cooking  traditional Thai dishes from an early age, learning from his father Pitug Saeiab. Perry's mother  Preeda Saeiab and father immigrated from Thailand in the 1980s seeking opportunity and the "American Dream."  Preeda worked as a factory worker for numerous paper companies in California's Bay Area. Pitug worked as an auto mechanic and worked in factory work as well. Perry was born in Castro Valley, California and raised in the small farming town of Modesto, California. As a first generation American, He was the first to obtain a college degree from the University of Florida and to own a business in his family. 


We believe that hard work and dedication will take you wherever your heart and mind leads you.  Cooking has always been a family talent that has been passed down from generation to generation. The recipes featured in our menu are from our family to yours.  We hope that with each meal you purchase with us, gives you comfort in knowing that you are supporting a family that is working hard towards the "American Dream" and wants to share a piece of our culture with the local community.


Featured in Local Paper!

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